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We at Specialized are New Zealand’s official suppliers of Columbia Taping Tools and aim to provide tools that outperform similar tools in the industry, with key differences in quality and value making for a superior product. We back Columbia Taping Tools and their claim that your tools will still be performing well 10 years after purchase, and you wont look at any less superior products again.

Columbia builds all of their tools in-house with state of the art CNC equipment and therefore can keep the cost of manufacturing reasonable while keeping the quality high. Columbia tools pride themselves upon the quality they produce, and have consequently gained an avid following of Columbia tool users. Columbia’s Taping Tools out sell the competition, not because they are less expensive, but because Columbia tools are built strong, using superior components laid out in a superior design. The origins of the components are from North American Aluminum and Steel Mills as well as other local manufactures in the cable, blade, spring and rubber industries. The product origin is over 90% in-house or North American made.

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