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Unlike their competitors, Columbia Taping Tools has not sold out, filed bankruptcy, or been purchased multiple times. They owe their success to their customers and over thirty years of focus and dedication. We at Specialized respect Columbia Taping tools when they say,

'the success of our dealers and those who use our tools everyday is paramount. Your success is our mission.'

Columbia Taping Tools emphasises the importance of finest in commercial grade United States steels, rubbers, plastics, and aluminum to ensure durability and longevity over time.  They also warn tradespeople of Chinese raw materials that still being used in cheaper products - despite the polish and anodizing on the surface.  Specialized also believes cheaper materials lead to cheap products - products that do not stand up to commercial punishment.

Columbia Taping Tools fabricate, design, engineer and assemble their tools in-house. This leads to the best understanding of the tools and the ability to bring leading innovations to market faster.

Columbia tools exhibit rich anodized colors and unique engravings that won’t fade, peel, or scratch off - all with meticulous attention to detail. Columbia Taping Tools have developed customised tools for some of the largest drywall contracting companies around the world. If integrating your company logo or corporate colors onto your tools is important, contact us here at Specialized, and we will let Columbia Taping Tools know - they want to help you get exactly what you need.

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