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We believe the Columbia Angle Head to be the best Corner Finisher that money can buy! Our Angle Heads finish angles quickly and professionally with the correct, consistent amount of joint compound and the proper feathering of edges. Precision machined billet aluminum head and durable stainless steel wings ensure longer wear and performance.


  • Fool Proof Locking Mechanism locks Angle Head on the ball
  • Stainless steel wings last much longer than nickel plated
  • Solid billet aluminum body for long life. Last much longer than cast body. Anodized black metal color.
  • Wings are engraved for identification (Left and Right)


Used in 90 degree internal angle joints, after corner roller, to evenly feather compound over tape.

  • Available in the following sizes: 2", 2.5", 3", and 3.5"
  • Produces a finely feathered finish
  • Longer wear and superior performance
  • Commercial Grade
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