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family-owned business with a solid team of experts


AllWall is a friendly, family-owned business located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. We’ve got a great solid team of experts who know all there is to know about plastering, cladding and the tools of the trade . Before our re-branding in 2010, we were known as The Plaster Centre.

In the nearly 30 years we have been in the plastering game, we have built a solid reputation for our service, quality, and the responsive way we do business. This is something we value, and we will continue to build on in the years to come.

We decided to change our business name from The Plaster Centre to AllWall because we supply much more than plastering products. Offering top quality and on-going service is our major point of difference. We have a range of building products and solutions available for both indoor and outdoor wall cladding, quality paints, and a variety of natural stone.

We are the biggest and most consistent plastering product supplier in the Bay and local architects and builders know where to find us. We welcome them, as well as others planning a building project.

Like us at AllWall, Columbia Taping Tools is a  family-operated business that promises to continue listening to you and improving their products.  Started in 1979 by a drywall contractor who still owns the company, Columbia has developed a North American network of distributors and dealers. Columbia Taping Tools focuses on making jobs easier and more profitable for the end user by crafting premium quality tools that are a pleasure to own and use.

Like AllWall and their customers, Columbia Taping Tools take pride in going the extra mile and helping customers any way possible.  Columbia is small enough to be responsive to individual requirements yet large enough to provide reliable service and a full product range.  AllWall pride themselves top quality service with top quality products  and this is why we decided to stock Columbia Taping Tools here in New Zealand.



CAll us on 0800 allwall or email us, sales@allwall.co.nz


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