We are excited to introduce the new and improved, highly versatile, Hydra-Reach 3.0 Box Handle. Capable of lengths extending from 42”(1066.8mm) to 63” (1600.2mm). Our Patented hydraulic actuated brake system allows continuous braking throughout extension. The hydraulic system also allows braking with only a minimal amount of pressure on the handle. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs. our Hydra-Reach 3.0 is the lightest extendible flat box handle on the market. Rigid hex tube design limits flex and maximizes energies at all lengths. Precision machining for utmost durability and


The Hydraulic Power Grip is a light touch systems that allows you to achieve more pressure with less force. This entirely closed hydraulic system is clean and carefree - no mess, nothing to fill. The new design features a smaller reservoir that is out of the way, an easier to grip lever, a soft grip for more comfort and our new thumb-click extension mechanism.




Adapts to all Flat Boxes and allows for flat box to be held steady at different angles as it is placed on joint. Used as lever for pushing door on flat box to apply compound to joint. Allows use of tool at multiple lengths.

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