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Our durable billet aluminum cone is lightweight and designed to last a lifetime. Does not pit and rust through like other designs made from nickel plated mild steel.


Specially angled to access tight corners, the billet aluminum cone dispenses the proper amount of drywall compound smoothly and evenly. Coupled with our billet aluminum corner finishers, our corner boxes are unbeatable.

4 ft. Fixed Length Fiberglass Handle and New ReachLine 3-5 ft. Extendable Corner Flusher Box Handles available.

Available in 7 inch (7CFB) or 8 inch (8CFB)
Thumb release door stop for quick clean
Billet handle mount will not crack under pressure, like cast aluminum. Gun metal anodized.
New and improved Polyurethane No-Swell Gaskets. Use just about any lubricant or solvent without harm.
Hinged door system for quick clean and easy access
Solid stainless steel value for lifetime usage. Will not leak like other welded thin wall designs.

Used in combination with our corner finisher, this tool moves compound through the corner finisher allowing the corner finisher to feather the mud into the internal corner joint.

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